Thursday, May 7, 2009

Funny Story

A few months ago I was telling Nathan and Kennedy that I wish I was a kangaroo so I could put Ethan in a pouch and walk around. Kennedy said, "Well, just put him in your mouth and swallow him and then you can just poop him out again."


Ethan calls his binky his GHEE GHEE.

That is all.

Oh, still only lost about 16 lbs. Slow going. I want to eat everything. But I bought smaller pants. So that's awesome. And I found these little snack cakes that are 1 point for three cakes. AWESOME.

Friday, April 10, 2009


Baby is getting vampire teeth on the top. He bites! And it hurts bad. He eats constantly. He makes a little scrunchy face that is SOOOO cute.

Um. That's about it.

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

14 LBS!

I gained ounces the last two weeks but I lost 3.8 lbs today! I had to hurry and tell everyone!

I'm trying to master the elyptical. It's so hard.

Baby got sick this week. I had to give him another steroid and he got an antiobiotic and we suck his nose out with the bulb syringe about twice a day. He hates it but it helps so much so he's happier afterwards.

He has started waving and intermitently will say "hi." He is ALMOST crawling on his knees. Right now he just scoots with one leg like an army man.

He still only has two teeth and he weighs 20 lbs. He's BIG!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I hate titles

So I lost 11.2 lbs so far. It's awesome. I love yoga. I'm not even hungry.

Just wanted to update my weight and post this picture of me and my best buddy. I'm pretty sure this is pre-haircut.

Oh he has started YELLING. He doesn't cry anymore he like growls. It's so cute I can't stand it. I have to record it. He is also very good at singing the ducky song and doing the actions. He is very coordinated. =]

Friday, February 27, 2009

Oh yeah

When the Dr. walked in at E's last appointment he said, "OH! You have happy hair today! You need a haircut!" My mom was so offended. I was just nervous to cut it. So I did. It was rather silly. The WIC lady noticed and then my friend Kris came over and laughed at it. =[ I tried!

I got more issues than the New York Times!

So what's up? I'm so sick of crime. I am going to move to the hills. ERGH! If you wonder what I'm talking about it's mainly theft, grafitti and vandalism. I'm SO annoyed. I cannot have anything outside of my house because it will be stolen *literally* within hours. Somebody ripped, wait, UNSCREWED and TOOK my car antenna today. And I have graffitti that says something so stupid like, "I RULE" spraypainted on my fence. Never live on an alley in the central valley, ok? That is going to be in my new rap song. Look for it when it comes out. I will sign your recycle bin.

So last time I weighed in I lost a total of 8.2 I think? Can't remember. It's so frustrating because I'm still fatter than I have ever been in my whole life. But I went to yoga last week, FINALLY! It was awesome. Ally taught it (this and the following for Jen and Ang's information.) Of course she taught some HUGELY intense cardio aerobic class right before. She looks amazing and she dyed her hair dark brown.

Anyway. She is one of the best because she is super spiritual. She talked about attachments in terms of fear of loss. I thought about that all week. I pretty much boiled it down to what I always boil it down to: Control what you can and accept what you can't. It's the only way to stay sane and serene. I have to remember it constantly and sometimes I am just crazy and there's nothing to be done about it. Except maybe go back to yoga! Which I will be doing tomorrow morning.

She also talked about how the exercise is preparation for the meditation. Struggle is necessary because the changes take place in the recovery. She is so awesome.

Ethan is eating tons of food. He sleeps SO good through the nigh excpet when Nate turns the temperature down to 65 degrees!!! "ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?!" That is my favorite thing to say to him because he is INSANE!

I have SO many pictures and videos of E that it is ridiculous. For some reason I just cannot make myself accomplish ANYTHING! I always have this idea in my head that I'm going to make all of these changes and then I just never do. It's like I think the changes are going to make themselves. Whatever!